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SoundAr is a MacOS Application to add the ability to trigger Sound Effects like you know from Trash Empty to other Events in the System as well, It was designed to play well with the latest OSX Versions and also add some events that are either poorly supported or weren’t provided by other Applications till now. It provides support for Sounds only in its basic distribution, so you will not be able to trigger Scripts or similar on the customisable Events, you can either choose an own Sound or you can just enable an Event and SoundAr will speak to you about what happens… This might be an odd solution for front applications but there are some events that are running in background and thats a way to be notified once they happen or finish. Important Note: Whenever you choose a Sound File, keep in mind that some Events may happen often so keep every Sound as short as possible, imagine the default MacOS Sound Effects as an idea, so don’t attempt to play a 3 min Audio File whenever something happens or you will hate it after 5 minutes … There are various other Approaches for this kind of Situations but if you want a simple way to just trigger a Sound instead of messing with Stuff like Shell or Applescripts, SoundAr is your place to go. Also Soundar is planned to be an extendable Application, so there will be Extensions that will trigger Script Events as well in the future…

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Events List


System wake / sleep
Display wake / sleep
Application launch / quits
Volume mount / unmount
System requests Admin Password / Security


Device connected
Device disconnected


Left Mouse clicked
Right Mouse clicked
Copy something to the Clipboard
Keyboard key pressed
Modifier Key pressed
Workspace changed
Emptied the Trash
moved a File to the Trash
Download in your Browser (Safari) finished
iTunes downloaded a new Podcast


Network Cable connected / disconnected
WIFI Network connected / disconnected


USB Device was connected / disconnected


For detailed Description check out “SoundAr eXtender” Website

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Sound-sets are an effective way to create multiple Setups for various purposes.
A Sound-set contains all the Sounds you assigned as well as all "used" and "do not disturb" settings.
This allows you to have various Setups for different Occasions and once you export a Sound-set you can back it up or share it, after import, all your Settings are active and you don't need to redo anything!

Creating or switching a Sound-set is easy and fast from the Config Window of SoundAr.

For starters, you can check out this Gallery which will grow with time, but you are free to download and use them.
This Gallery is also available from SoundAr Config -> Choose aPreset -> Bottom button


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Other Stuff

There are some additional Features like : Podcast Notifications for iTunes Downloads
- Power monitoring for Mouse, Keyboard and Trackpad
- USB Connection Notifications for iOS Devices
- Space change Notifications and Indicators
- PodcastR is an optional feature that allows SoundAr to prevent continuous Podcast Playback in iTunes, so once enabled and a Podcast finishes playing, iTunes stopps without playing your whole unplayed Playlist during the night...
- Internet reachability Notifications - once enabled, you will get notified whenever the Internet becames offline or online again
- other gimmicks

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SoundAr ToGo

SoundAr ToGo is a free App in the iOS App Store to receive Notifications from SoundAr Desktop Application like Podcast was downloaded or special Events if you like. SoundAr ToGo offers you access to Podcast Episode Details like Show Notes and some Episode specific Informations like Duration or Kind etc...

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Additional Infos:

Due to security Features in MacOS some thing cannot be done with Mac App Store Apps, for this reason, there is the SoundAr xTender App, a small deamon that will enable additional Features like : Space change Notifications, Do Not Disturb Features and all the accessibility Events you can find in the List in Config. This is not my decision, but while apple makes the rules you have to follow them if you want to use MacOs!

Check out SoundAr xTender here
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