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If you ever visited Youtube's Website on an iPad and wanted to go fullscreen, you may be as disappointed as i was, the enlarged View is far away from any Fullscreen Experience you would expect.
YouPlayAr is designed as an Extension, so in any App you see an youtube Website with a Video and you find a "Share..." Button on it, tap and select YouPlayAr View, thats all, you don't leave your current App, you simply can watch the Video, and continue after its done wherever you left off, best of all: YouPlayAr skips any possible ADS, it goes directly to the Video.
Thats what YouPlayAr does: It takes the Video and puts it into a real Fullscreen Player with all the common Actions like tap to toggle playback, fast forward or rewind etc...
Any Video watched with YouPlayAr will also be logged in History accesssible from the Main App so you can rewatch it later again.

Unsplashed background img 2