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Main Window
Everything is listed in a Table style grouped into 3 Sections. Everything else is out of your way until you request it.
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Episode Preview
Simply SHIFT-Click on any Show in the Airing Section to see Details about the next Episode
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Adding Shows
Pick a popular or search by yourself! Get direct Show Info from Search, watch a Trailer!
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Detailed View
Click a Show in the main Window and you get this, everything most relevant and important in one Window.
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What's on TV?
Check what's on TV and add directly!
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Detailed Today View
Detailed Info for today airing Shows

Main Windows

tTV groups all Shows based on their Status into Groups or Sections like:

- Airing (current airing Shows)
TBA (running Shows with outstanding Seasons)
RIP (Ended or cancelled Shows)

Additionally, there are two more Sections:

Today ( All Episodes that air today with detailed Informations and Guest Starts if available)
onTv (What’s airing today?)

You can click any Show to reveal its Details, read more about it in the depending Section on this Page To add a Show, hit Add and select either from popular Shows or search manually Filter / Search for Shows Move your Cursor over a Show to see instant Episode Informations like which Number of which Season

SHIFT+Click a Show to get just Info about the next airing Episode or swipe a Show to the right (works only in the Airing Section)

tTV has a helpful Feature for Streaming Services: A Taskboard, you can set an URL to e.g. Netflix or Amazon Prime Video, and whenever an Episode airs, you get listed a Task in the Task-board to quickly visit the Website from where you can watch this Episode

Also, whenever a Season ends or Show changes its Status, tTV drops a Notification for you which can be accessed with the Bell Icon Button

tTV obtains its Show and Episodes data either from or, its your choice, you can choose either a dark or light Theme for the Windows.

Detailed View

The Detailed View is accessible by clicking any Show in any Section, it slides out to the right and splits all available Infos into Groups

The Info Sections show some basic Details with some Artwork and a brief Description what the Show is about, but also gives you the ability to watch a Trailer Video for this Show if available.

The Cast / Actors Section list the whole know Cast of a Show together with their Role Names, you can click any Actor to enlarge its Profile Photo

The Season Section lists all the Episode of the current Season. But it allows you to list all Episodes of any Season so far by clicking “Shaw all…”. Within this List, you can even click any particular Episode to get detailed Informations for this particular Episode if available

The last Section tells you more about the Status of the Show, is it still running, how many Seasons and Episodes does it have or visit the official Homepage

Now imagine you watch Show and feel: Hey I know this Guy e.g., didn’t he starred in the other Show?

To help you with this, you can CMD+Click any Show in any Section to open its Details in a separate Floater Window, you can open as many Show Floater as you like and position them

Today Widget

The Notification Center Widget provides a fast view on today airing Shows if there are any, to help tracking, it also provides some Infos about what episode it is of which season, and as an extra, you can click each entry which will open a preview of this episode where you can cache the Title, Screenshot and Episode description if available.

Episode Preview

The Preview Window simply collects all available Information about the particular Episode and provides a fast overview if the Infos are available.
Informant Note: This Data is gathered from the “TVDB” Website that seems to be very up to date, but not always are all Informations available, so you often may see that either the Screenshot or the Description are missing or even both of them. This Preview returns if you click any Actor in the Details Section but this time with an enlarged Image of the Actor


The Task-board is a mighty and very helpful Feature.

If you watch your shows more through streaming Services than on TV, that’s what the Task-board is for. The Task-board is also great if you download your Episodes to your Computer, no need to search for a specific Show each time, now you can access the Season with just one click, choose the Episode and download/purchase it!

Imagine you watch your Show on a Steaming Service, now today was your Episode, so you would open your Browser, navigate to the Website, choose a Show, start watching, but this only works if you don’t forget it.

tTV skips this part by allowing you to assign a Task URL to each Show you want and when an Episode airs, it appears in the Task-board and also as a Dock Icon Badge, from the Task-board you can open the specific Website with just one click and delete each entry whenever you don’t need it anymore


The Showcase collects all your Shows in one Place allowing you to check Details, Cast, Status and more from one place, you can even rewatch Show Trailers!
You can search for specific Show by Name, year or even actor / Actress.

  Other Stuff

Database Stats

Get an overview of what you watched or are watching!.


As you can see on any Shcreenshot above, the default Color Theme is a dark grey background, but if you like, you can make it a light theme to match MacOS overall Appearance


With this Extension you can see all your today airing Shows as well as your Task-board right from your MacOS Dock.

Safari app Extension

The Safari App Extension appears on any Website you browse to and provides you an easy and fast way to assign a particular Website as a Task in tTV. Please note: The Safari Extension only lists currently airing Shows only! If you want to assign to a TBA Show, you need to do it the old fashion way by copy and passte manually!

It you are not sure what this is, please read above about the Taskboard Feature!