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tTV DockView Extension minicks thhe look & feel of the Notification Center Widget with some extras.
It's mainpurpose is it is right at your Dock Icon of tTV, no Clicks, no Shortcuts, simply move your Cursor over te App Icon in the Dock and you can see what's playing today.

You don't need to open the whole App Window and so on to see, what's up, you can even click a Show in the list above the Docj Icon to get instant Episdoe Previews, and if you use the Taskboard, you can even toggle between the "Today airing Shows" and your Tasks by simply hitting the SHIFT Key while hovering the Dock Icon.

tTV DockView is a lightweight ad easy shortcut to your Infomations tTV is providing anyway, and if you don't want or don't like to use the Notification Center, this is a very simple and easy Alternative
To install:

  • - Download
  • - Launch tTV and enter Settings Window
  • Choose DockView Tab and drag and drop the downloaded File onto the marked Field
  • Check the "Use DockView..." Checkbox
  • Grant tTV DockView access for assistive Devices once asked
  • That's all

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Disclaimer & Download

tTV DockView cannot be distributed within tTV as it is, unfortunately there is no common way to find and track the MacOS Dock Icons for an Application, therefore tTV DockView relies on MacOS Accessibility which need to be granted before you can use it, this could be done even for Mac App Store Apps, but due to some other Restrictions, DockView gets no valid informations from MacOS if matching all requirements for the Mac App Store.

That's what this extension is distributed as a standalone optional Feature.

To download the Extension click here

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