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atC is a Clipboard Manager for MacOS. It’s main target is to be as simple and straight forward as needed. Simply copy something and paste it later somewhere else, but get various extra Features like pin a Clip to be remembered, get details about the Clip before you paste and even get a Context to know when, what and from where a Clip was added.

This is like this:

Imagine you copy something on a Website, with atC, you can not only paste it, but get information for:

when did I copied it what did I copied (quicklook style preview) On which Website did I copied it

atC supports no kind of Favourite tags, Groups or similar, a Clipboard Manager is not a Notebook or Memory Book,. Its a temporary collection of valuable and reusable Informations and should be used as such.

atC supports also a frequently used Section.
Whenever you paste something from atC into anywhere, atC counts this and if you reused a Clip at least 3 times, atC suggests it's a frequently used Clip and allows you to reuse it the next time without more searching, simply by visiting the "Most used" Section.You can imagine this as a kind of favourites.
Also noteworthy, for performance reasons, atC limits the maximum number of Clips it can store to up to 50 Clips, but the limit excludes pinned Clips, pinned Clips are Clips you want to keep and remember, so basically, you can have 20+ pinned and 50 normal Clips, that's how atC set its limits!!!

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AtC supports 3 Modes of activating the App:

1. The basic one, simply click on the Menubar Icon at the top right corner of your Screen to open AtC

2. Use a pre-defined Shortcut: CTRL+C (that's where the name comes from ^^) to activate AtC's Window

3. New in Version 1.6+: Sidebar Mode
Open Settings and enable Sidebar Mode, choose a Screen side, and either use your Hotkey to open AtC as a sidebar or if preferred, touch the screen edge with your Cursor, to prevent accidental Activation, you can also force this to work only if the SHIFT Key is pressed, this might be handy for Fullscreen Apps like Video Players e.g. to stop AtC from revealing while you just want to move the Cursor out of the Picture

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Usage & some Features:

atC can be triggered either by hitting the CTRL + C Shortcut or by clicking the Menubar Icon close to MacOS’s clock. You can resize or reposition atC’w window to your needs and likings. atC won’t steal the focus from your current Application and atC work seamlessly in fullscreen Applications…

To paste something or to use a specific Clip you can:

  • - drag and drop it from atC into any target that supports this kind of content
  • - Double-click it to copy it into MacOS’s Clipboard and paste it manually
  • - Or the easiest way: With atC Damon you can simply double-click any Clip to paste it into the current active Application wherever the Cursor is right now.

atC organises all you Clips in Section which you can access from the left side, you can either select a Section with your Mouse or use the Shortcut which becomes available while atC is in front to toggle Sections from your Keyboard, the Shortcut is
CTRL + 1
this will toggle through your default Sections like all, most used and pinned.

Pin & Share

Each Clip can be either Pinned or shared with MacOS’s built in sharing Services. To do this swipe any Clip to the right to reveal this options or swipe it to the left to be able to delete a Clip from your list. Pinning a Clip tells atC to keep this Clip and do not delete it, why it’s either important or you attempt to reuse it later, it will automatically appear in the Pinned Section and flagged with a Ribbon on the top right side of the Clip.

Sharing a Clip allows you to send any kind of Clip directly via Messages or Mail to others, or even post it into supporting Social Networks…


Whenever you invoke atC’s Clips Window, the search gets activated , you can see this while the Search Field or red bordered while active.

The Search gives you the ability to search by Clip Contents and even by it’s Context Data:

So e.g. you know you copied something on a Website but you cannot find it? Simply search fro the Website Title, by Date or by Folder Name if it was a File… The Results appear as you type. atC will remember you previous search until you choose any specific Section or cancel search by clearing up the search field…

Clip Owners List

Whenever you copy something and atC adds a Clip to it’s Collection, it also attempts to ask MacOS for the origin Application you copied it from, afterwards, it creates the Owners list on the left side to visualise what you have in your list and from where, and also gives you the ability to quickly filter your Clips to display Clips only from a specific Application, the badge on any Owners Tile shows you how many Clips this Owner has.


You can use the default Filters to show all Clips, frequently used or pinned Clips only.. But after the first Clips arrive in atC and the Owners list gets populated you can filter deeper and faster.

Imaging you have copied a lot of Stuff in a Browser while you were collection Infos for any kind of work you attempt to do: Now you can click an Owner’s Tile to display only Clips from there, but there is more: You can right-click any Owner’s tile to reveal an additional Menu to do this:

  • - show me only textual Clips here
  • - Show me only Images from here
  • - delete all Clips from here to tidy up
Frequently used Clips

Whenever you use a Clip to paste it anywhere either by clicking it or by dragging it out, atC will count this Actions and once you reused a Clip at least 3 times, atC suggest this might be important or handy Clip and collects this Clips in the “Most used” Section for faster reuse.

Basically such Clips might be pinned already by you so why this? This is because you might have pinned various Clips already and in the Section the most used clips are at the most top position so this will speed up reuse and find procedure…

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The Context becomes very handy if you may look for a Clip you created / copied a while ago and are not sure what it was, but remember partial informations about it, so we can search for this like:

Show me Clips from this particular website or a specific Document (Do ne search for sentences like this, simply search for website titles, url, or document names.

As mentioned before, whenever a new Clip is added, atC builds a Context for this Clip with:

  • - Whats that?
  • - when did this happen? Where did this happen? (Files or Folder) (atC Daemon required) in which Document/ Website did this Clip come from?

The Context is accessible by right-clicking a Clip in the list, repeat to exit Context View

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Website URLs
Other Images
Text Clips

atC can quicklook any stored Clip, doesn't matter if it is text, image or url Similar to previous Context explanations, the Quicklook gives you a similar Information about this particular Clip and also extends it for Clips like Images or Files.
Previewing an Image: atC will dump all the available Image Informations like e.g. EXIF Data so you can get deeper info what this image is
If an Image is Geo tagged with GPS, you get an instant view on a Map whee this Image was taken
Previewing a File or Folder and you get a similar Info like MacOS default Quicklook regarding creation, location, modification and size
Previewing an Website URL loads the URL into a mobile Version of this Page if available and you can even navigate it or open other links like downloaded etc... Text and Web-clips get previewed as they were copied, with all the Layout, Font Colours, Fonts and so forth, basically, what you copied is what you get!
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atC Daemon

atC Damon extends atC default behaviour with some handy extras:

  • paste with simple double-click a Clip, no need to paste manually anymore
  • Extend atC Context Informations with Sources and Origins like from which Document comes this Clip come from or from which Website?

atC Daemon was build around this extension to easily paste with simple double-clicks e.g. but due twosome App Store Rules, atC need to exclude this into an optional Extension where any user can add this feature if they want to have it.

To do this, simply download it from the Button at the top right corner, open atC Settings->Extend and drag & drop it onto the destination, click use it and you are ready to go!

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