AmbiDesk Party

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App Info

AmbiDesk Party is an iOS App that analyses your Music heard through the iOS Device Microphone and changes your Philips Hue Lights Colours based on the Upbeat and Musical Notes it hears. AmbiDesk Party does not colour all bulbs you decide to use at the same time, instead it loops through all Bulbs and changes only one of them at the same time, this is to achieve a more colourful ambience instead of having everything the same, this makes even more effects if your Lights are not all at the same spot, but even if this is the case, there may not direct all in the same direction, so your Room becomes more colourful depending on your Music playing. Important Note: You cannot play Music from the same Device you want to use AmbiDesk Party with, AmbiDesk Party will always mute any other Music on this Device due usage of Microphone, otherwise this would result in Conflicts. Another important Point is: Due to Power Consumption and Privacy AmbiDesk Party cannot track your Music while in background or with a locked Screen, instead it will keep your Display awake as long it is at work, keep this always in mind while using AmbiDesk Party. Best Scenario: Play Music on your iMac or HiFi and plug your iOS Device to power while using AmbiDesk Party. The Accuracy Slider is to raise the Volume threshold, so you can raise it to avoid people speaking would affect your Lights while Voices generate Colour as well ^^

Unsplashed background img 2