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About / Intro

TilOr Desk intends to keep all your important and memorable Content just in one place, no need to bookmark anything, note it down, create Video Playlists os skip back and forth through various Applications.

With TilOr Desk you can keep any Website, Image or Video from the Web right in one place, imagine TilOr Desk as a Bookmark shelf with a key difference: You can preview anything right from the Application, play YouTube Videos right in place without loading the whole Page, read Articles offline or get just the video from a Blog Post without the whole stuff around it. You see an Image on a Website? Drag it into TilOr Desk to keep it and remember it before it gets deleted…

TilOr Desk supports this kind of Content Storage:

  • - Website Links (creates visual Previews for this Pages)
  • - YouTube Video URLs ( allows playback directly inside TilOr Desk or in a separate fullscreen Player with Picture-in-Picture support)
  • - Images (with Zoom out functionality and store to Disk, always available, no Internet connection required after saving)
  • - Snippets (any kind of Text Snippet, a Quote or similar)
  • - Extract Article (extracts only the article Content from a Website, stored for offline reading, searching, sharing)
  • - Extract Vide (attempts to find and extract just the Video from an Article for watch later, supports direct Videos, Youtube, Vimeo or DailyMotion embedded Videos)

  • TilOr Desk can sync across all iCloud connected Devices

    Additionally you can search, filter anything you added.

    The best organisation way is to create Archives, with archives you can group Items into Archives that help you find quicker what you are looking for and keep everything pretty organised and sorted so you don’t need to scroll through a messy content.

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Adding Content to TilOr can be done in two ways:

1.Click the Add Item Button and enter an URL, TilOr will autosuggest what kind of Content you are adding, select it and you are done!

2. The more powerful and faster way is to drag any supported Content against the center-top of your Screen to add it, a Shelf reveals where you can drop it, if TilOr can handle it it will offer you the possible Types for this particular Content.

Only for Images, TilOr asks you for a Title you want to give it to this Image for later better recognition.

For most Types, TilOr wants to remember the Location or Origin you dropped it from so you can revisit the original Content at any time later.

TilOr’s Content appears always in Groups, either by Kind or by Archive, you can choose between two or one Column layout, on the left side you have access to all other Groups or switch between Archive or Kind Mode.

To interact with a Tile (Conent), based on what Content it is, you can trigger various actions from here right in place or you can right-click aTile to reveal extra Options for archiving, deleting, editing and more…

At the top, you can use the search box to instantly find a specific Tile you are looking for…

To delete an Archive, simply swipe it to the left to real the delete button.

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YouTube Videos

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  • Websites
    Dropping an URL to a Web Page creates a visual Bookmark, similar to the one you know from any Browser, but in addition, you get a Preview Image of this Page for easier and fast refocusing your search for later.
  • Images
    Image Tiles store the whole Image into your Database, so even if an Image is gone tomorrow, you will have a copy of it as long you want, you can simply double click the preview to zoom out or even save it as a copy to your Hard drive. You can edit Titles for each Image as well.
    Optionally, you can simply drag and drop it right from TilOr into your Desktop or directly into other apps or Documents.
    Please keep in mind, TilOr stores the Images so avoid large Images like Photos to keep your Database tiny and fast!
  • YouTube Videos
    This type takes the YouTube Video ID and extracts just the Video and built a Player right into TilOr, from here you can play a Video inline of TilOr UI or view it with the built in Player for Full Screen, fast forward or PiP.

    With this Tiles, yogi can watch or listen to Videos right from TilOr without the need to load the whole Page in your Browser, but you always can by simply clicking the Goto Origin Button from the Action Menu.

    The Built in Player can be either called by Show from Action Menu or simply double-click the Tile to start it, you can than watch fullscreen or event into the bottom right corner of your screen as a PiP style Video floating over any others
  • Snippets
    Snippets a partial text parts on any Website, Document or anything else that allows you to highlight text and copy it to Clipboard, TilOr also attempts to keep Layout and look and feel of text, so bolded text shall stay bolded instead of putting it int plaintext , the same is for layout and structure.
  • Article & Video Extract
    Drop any Website to TilOr and it will offer you to save it optionally as Article Content or Video Content only, stripping aways anything else but just the part you are interested in.

    As mentioned, TilOr tries to, it mostly works , especially for articles because they are easier to find on a website.

    The Video Extract works the same way, TilOr looks if it finds a Video and strips it out of the Website and offers you the same features like the Youtube Tile, supported Sources are Youtube, Vimeo or DailyMotion or own hosted Videos.
    But as a workaround, TilOr can even attempt to store Vimeo or DailyMotion Vides like It does with Youtube with this tiny workaround!
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Sync is also available, it relies on iCloud, but works different than other Apps.

If enabled, TilOrDesk will watch your iCloud Database for changes, once they are discovered, it ask you if you want to update or not.

The sync is a manual and only on demand sync. So instead of syncing everything you add, remove or edit, TilOrDesk will offer you a quick 1-click Sync option, but you don't need to, if you store stuff here just temporarily, you don’t want to sync everything to any device. This decision was made due personal usage scenarios, i often drop stuff here like Article or Videos to watch or read later and don't want TilOrDesk to sync everything across all Devices even if it just for 20 minutes of Storage.

You can also trigger a Sync or Backup from the Settings Window.

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