SoundAr Soundsets

This List has all the currently known SoundAr Soundseet you can use to extend SoiundAr.
I am not attempting to extend this List with tons of Soundsets becasue this is too much a matter of taste, but i will publish YOUR Soundset here, if you send it to me.
So please see this as a Community driven Repository.
Once you create a Soundset and want to share it, send it to me at atxx [at], i will not rate your submission or approve, but imagine always:
This is a Soundset, not a Playlist, so keep your Sounds short!

To create a Soundset, use the "export" Button and you get yours.
Mac OS 9 Inspired Soundset

This Soundset uses only Sounds that shipped with Mac OS 9 these days...

Not all Sounds have been assigned, just some for Demo and Fun