A Movie Details/Cast Overview for Movies and TV Shows in popular Video Players
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What's it?

MetaNow gives you the possibility to quickly inspect a Movie or TV Show you are watching right now without leaving your currently active Application.
MetaNow runs in background as an Agent, you can find it in the Menubar near the Clock at the top right of ypur Screen, click on it to either access the Settings or to quit!
With MetaNow you get instant Overview of all the notable Informations like, Directors, Genres, Studios and IMDB Ratings and more…
Imaging this: You are watching a Movie and suddenly think, I know this Person, from which Movie it was? Well, with MetaNow it’s pretty easy. Simply activate it over a supported Player and you get an instant Overview of the Cast, see their real Names or Role Names, click one to see their Details incl. Movie/TV Show History and you can even click one of these to go further…
Click any “Known for Movie/TV Show” and you can see detailed Informations about this Release as well
If available, you can watch official Trailers before you watch a Movie, see who is guest starring in a TV Episode if available

Amazon xRay Feature gives you instant overview of who is starring right now on the Scene, just the Cast and only if available.

Well, MetaNow doesn’t do that, MetaNow has no way to figure out the current acting Persons in a particular Scene, because this means, MetaNow would have to track a whole Movie with a timeline like Subtitles do to display a particular Information in a particular moment.

MetaNow skips this Scenario and gives you at least a whole Overview for:

What’s the Movie or TV Show about?

Additional Informations like Countries, Genres, Content Rating, Year and more…

And about the Cast: MetaNow will give you the whole Cast as far as published with deep links, so you can click an /Actor or Actress to see various Informations about them and see what Movies or TV Shows they acted in as well.

On Plex, you get additional Informations about this Video File you are familiar from PlexWeb like what are the Audio/ Video Codecs, how many Audio Channels and some more Informations

And MetaNow main advantage:

Everything it can do is right here without the need to leave or exit your Player/Movie, it’s right there where you you need it!

Important Notice:

MetaNow will become available only in fullscreen Modes, so a windowed Player will not be able to start MetaNow, this is by design!

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Matches and search

MetaNow does not use any Magic to know what you are watching right now, it simply looks at the Title of a supported Player and uses this to make a first Match, Well, this works great in Plex while Plex provides various other helpful Informations for MetaNow to know which Movie you are watching right now, in other Players like VLC this is different.

That’s why MetaNow has a search filed which can be used either to correct the current Result or to simply search for any Movie you want similar to PCB Desk’s own search , but in a MetaNow overview instead. this may be also required for iTunes itself, while iTunes does not provide any cross referencing Informations so we can only use the current Movie Title to lookup a Movie, this works well, until a Movie may have the same Title and differs only by it’s year, so that’s why MetaNow has a Search field!

A search is performed in background each time you trigger MetaNow, it simply suggest the first Result to be correct, if it’s now, you can simply click the red Button on the right side of the Search Field to get a list of these Results and pick one from there without the need to search manually

And in TV Shows like from Plex or Amazon Prime Video, you can click the "Other..." Button to switch between all the known Episodes for a TV Show's Season you are watching right now.

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Deep Links

So if you have your Movie displayed and everything is ok, you see the whole Cast of the Movie as far as known by, hover over any Person to see a floating bubble telling you his/her Name and their acting Role for easier detection.

To learn more about a particular Person, you can simply click it’s Profile Picture to reveal an extended Overview of an Actress/Actor with up to 35 of their Movie or TV Credits. The limitations of 35 is due to performance and more, because there are Actors with more than 100 Credits going back the last 50 years and i guess, that’s  not what you are interested in, for this there are other Places for to search…

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There are three way to start MetaNow:

With a Keyboard Shortcut: CTRL + CMD + M

On iMacs, the Eject Button became obsolete in many cases due the lack of a CD Drive, if you don't need it, you can turn on this Option from the Settings to start MetaNow with a tap on the Eject Key if you prefer this

The recommend fast way: by using hot-corners like MacOS also provides, simply move your Mouse Cursor into  a configured Corner of your Screen while in Fullscreen Mode and MetaNow starts its magic!

All options are turned off by default and can be enabled from the Settings!

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Supported Players

Out of the Box, MetaNow supports only some Players, because MeteNow needs to obtain some basic Informations from these Players to know what to do and that’s why it relies on some knowledge about them. That’s why MetaNow is not an universal tool that displays anywhere on any occasion, you also don’t want MetaNow to appear in a Document you are working on, right?

So let’s dive in:


With VLC while in fullscreen Mode, MetaNow uses VLC’s title to check  and search for the correct Movie, this should work well unless VLC uses any kind of Meta-Tags from its File itself, for common use, ensure the File you watch is named as the Movie!


With PLEX, you can get the most out of MetaNow but this requires some additional setup by you before:

Any kind of Informations from PLEX starts with the PLEX Server Application that manages all your Database and due Security Reasons, this Data is protected and require any other 3rd Party Tool to be granted Access to its database, for this purpose, you MUST go to MetaNow Settings and and authorise MetaNow with  PLEX by logging into your PLEX Account, that’s the only way to allow MetaNow to ask PLEX Server for your currently played Movie.

Once done, you get additional Infos about a Movie etc…


Similar to VLC, MetaNow works with iTunes Movies AND TV Shows, basically you could trigger MetaNow with Videos of any kind in iTunes but the results maybe useless in any other Case than a Movie or TV Show…


MetaNow works also with Browsers for Streaming Services, which are:
- Safari
- Google Chrome

Please note, MetaNow works currently only with Amazon Prime Video, because to know what you are watching right now, MetaNow needs to inspect the current Website you started the Movie e.g. from, and while nearly all Streaming Services are behind a Paywall, it's impossible for me to integrate them all...

       On Prime Video you get support for Movies and even for TV Shows, providing live Infos about each Episode of a given Season, together with Guest Stars if available

More to come or if you have any specific Request for a certain Player, feel free to use the Support Form to ask for it!

Some final Notes about Quicktime Player: even while Quicktime Player is shipping with MacOS out of the Box, it is not designed to be a real Video Player due it's Codec and Format limitations, most Movies are in AVI or MKV Codecs, which are not supported by Quicktime Player, and i suggest if you already encoded your DVD Collection into a MacOS supported File Format, you already use stuff like PLEX or iTunes to enjoy your Content more comfortable than just from the Finder...

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MetaNow was initially released as an Add-On for PCB Desk, but due to complexity and extensibility of MetaNow, this Add-On was excluded as a stand-alone Application, if you purchased PCB Desk because of MetaNow, feel free to drop me a Mail so you can get MetaNow for free.
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