TilOr AVHelper

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TilOr AV Helpers purpose is to solve a reoccurring issue with YouTube Videos.

In general, TilOr Desk asks YouTube for a streaming Version of the Video you want to watch, but sometimes it is not there or in a wrong Media Format like "WebM" (Google's own Video format used on Android e.g. which is not playable with native MacOS or iOS Systems). But there must be a valid Version, you can at least watch it in your Browser, right?

Well, therefor is TilOr AV Helper to generate a valid Video Version that is playable in TilOr Desk.

For this purpose, this Extension creates a local Cache File that can be used here, this is not a Download, the Helper creates a Custom File playable only in TilOr Desk, but that's the most reliable Way in most cases...

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The Installation looks or sounds a bit complex, but it isn't.

  • - Once you downloaded the File unzip it if not already done by your Browser.
  • - IMPORTANT! Launch TilOr Desk or ensure it is already running, once done, launch the AV Helper.app once, this will announce itself to TilOr Desk that it is available and quits itself.
  • - Now you can open TilOr Desk's Settings window, a new Tab will appear called AV Helper
  • - Select it and follow the Instructions listed there to finish the Process, after that, you are done

  • The AV Helper is now ready for use and is completely automated byTilOr Desk once required

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Usage Workflow

  • How is AV Helper used?
  • - An Indicator that you will need AV Helper is whenever you store a Video that prompts you with an Error with the Option to add it anyway.
  • - Once you either added a Video or want to play an already added Video and TilOr desk requires assistance here, TilOr Desk will send an request to AV Helper, you will see AV Helper launches and does its work, once it finishes:
  • - The AV Helper creates a Folder in your Movies for temporary issues and stores the Files there, after it is done, a File selection Dialog opens in TilOr Desk asking you to choose the Cache File just created for this Video, select it and click Choose.
  • - Now a red ribbon will appear in the top right Corner of the Video Tile in TilOr Desk indicating that it is ready for playback and is a stored Cache, all you need to do now, is to click the Play Button and that's all

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It may be necessary from time to time, to update the AV Helper, there is no built in Update Check or similar, simply redownload a newer Version and drag & drop it onto the AV Helper Drop Area in the Settings window to replace the Versions

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Foot Note

And all the Installation and Usage steps only because TilOr Desk is not allowed to read Video Files from your Movies Folder (Mac App Store Security restrictions), so don't blame me, after various attempts, this was the only way to make this work

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